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Our Socks Story

- the hidden socks folks -

"Can't find socks that are a joy to wear?
That's where our story began."

We’re just a group of friends who came together sharing the same passion and vision: to provide just the right style and quality of socks to people, like us, who love feet-warmers that have personality!

The fact that there were not many options out there in the market that met our mark for fun, affordable, loud-patterned socks drove us to create a brand of socks that would also be the answer to any other sock-loving beings out there caught in the same predicament.

So here's where The Hidden Socks Club steps in. We aim to bring to you a range of socks that reflect the cool, spunky, stylish, casual lifestyle that we so love about Melbournites – it’ll be an epidemic of style!
"What's in the name"
The Hidden Socks Club is a name that suggests exclusivity, mystery, excitement, and just like any club, we aim to gather people together with similar interests. And in this case, it’s socks!
"Why you should join the club"
Do you look through your sock drawer every morning and stare at the same palette of socks thinking, “Hmm…which grey socks should I go for today?” Sounds like you got a case of the Plain Grey Sock Dilemma (PGSD). But no worries, it is very well treatable.

At the Hidden Socks Club, We aim to make BUYING socks fun. We aim to make WEARING socks fun... We aim to make SOCKS fun! Goodbye boring socks!
x bev,steve,zinny,huiyu,ash,suhee,thengfei x